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FIERCE Horse Wisdom Sessions for Women

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What Rings True?

  • Have you ever stayed quiet even when your body was pulsing with the need to speak because you doubted the importance of what you have to say?

  • Do you sometimes find yourself saying yes just to keep the peace, then feeling pangs of resentment when your needs aren’t met?

  • Do you get tense or lose sleep thinking about things you need to deal with in the future, then find yourself completely disconnected from what’s happening right now?

  • Do you dream of escaping to a place where you get to be completely yourself – no one’s watching, no one’s waiting on you, no one’s disapproving?

Do you sense a fierce woman deep inside who has been trained not to be seen? 

Might it even feel dangerous to let her out?

And yet – this wild stirring is becoming greater than your fear?

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Horse Wisdom

It might sound bizarre that working with horses can show you a new path forward – including listening to your body, speaking up, or finding a more peaceful balance in relationships – but in fact these large sentient beings (horses!) are clear and direct communicators who live in harmony in a community.

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Learn how reflections from the horses can awaken you to live as a FIERCE woman, including:

  • Full-bodied sensing - Take the time to feel, and then understand, the messages behind your bodily sensations and emotions so that you feel heard and seen in the moment without criticizing yourself for all the things you “should have” said or done after a tough conversation.

  • Independence - Recognize that your own self-mastery is critical, so that you trust yourself first, and voice what you need in relationship with others. Take that dream job or start that project you know you want, without worrying who might or might not approve.

  • Empathy – Intuit and process energy and emotions in yourself and those around you to recognize if what you feel is yours, theirs or shared. Set up healthy boundaries that free you to be compassionate without losing sleep at night on problems that aren’t yours.

  • Relaxation – Respond to any situation with emotional agility and go “back to grazing” in harmony with your environment, so that you can step out of the trap of self-judgment and let go of emotions connected to the past.

  • Curiosity - Notice in a playful way what is happening in the moment, without judgment or emotional attachment. Feel the freedom to experiment and drop the weight you put on yourself to be perfect so that you can live with a sense of adventure and joy, right here and now.

  • Enchantment – Honor your unique way of relating to yourself and the horses so that you can discover, explore, integrate and share your magic with the world.

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