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Heart Superpowers - Activate!

Did you know you are way bigger than your body?

Your heart’s electromagnetic field, significantly greater than your brain’s, reaches about ten feet, according to HeartMath Institute. Before you even walk into a room or say a word, you can shift a group dynamic. Imagine – you can change the world with how you use your heart energy superpowers! And horses can teach you how.

From HeartMath Institute, heart coherence occurs “when our body’s systems, our breathing, heart rhythms, brain rhythms and hormonal response, are in sync with each other.” You often see horses in coherence in a herd: their hearts’ electromagnetic fields reach up to 50 feet in all directions, and as they commune, they regulate their own and each others’ states of being. As we enter their space, we also become part of that herd dynamic – and can benefit from their immense heart energy to find a state of calm and compassion.

At around a thousand pounds, horses both physically command our respect, and sensitively intuit our state of being. They mirror our full energy reflection clearly and non-judgmentally, no matter what we want to project. Most of our expression is through body language and vocal tone, not words. Horses know things in their bodies about us in ways we have forgotten – and they are compassionate teachers – so when you meet them, bring your whole, real self (even ugly cry – they’ll hold you). With the horses’ support, we have the chance to free our hearts to lead our thinking, resulting in clarity, creativity, and a sense of belonging by being true.

Heart coherence superpower is free, natural, and yours. You can retrain your brain from recreating old stories and causing stress to following your heart’s fresh lead. When you get curious and witness each moment to know intuitively from the heart, you stand in a beautiful position of ageless strength and wisdom.

Liz Cutting

ICF Associate Certified Coach, RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher

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