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Your Body is a Wonderland

Being human is strange and fantastic. We all have miraculous powers in these biological body suits we wear. And we also have big brains that sometimes hijack our bodies’ wisdom to keep us "safe." The fact is that our brains’ recommendations largely keep us locked into old habits. “You can’t wear that outfit – people will think you’re a hippie!” “Don’t say what you really think – Marge will give you the stink eye!” Change and opportunity happen every moment - through aging, people coming and going, world events. While we are not in control of what’s going to happen next, we can make a choice in how to perceive and respond in the now, and shed old skin we’ve outgrown. Horses teach us volumes about how to be, and the overriding theme is “presence.” In the state of now, we can choose to drop the weight of needing to figure out, and caring too much about, what’s inside others’ heads. In the natural wisdom of our bodies, we witness and feel what is happening in the moment, and the next step - a magical combination of staying safe enough, responding authentically, being creative - comes naturally. It’s a relaxed and curious way of being when you let your monkey mind take a nap and begin to live in your intuitive, felt intelligence. It’s the way the horses live. They feel what their bodies are informing them, process, respond, and shake it off with a yawn, a stretch, a run around the pasture, then they go back to grazing. So can you.

Witnessing and interacting with horses allows our brains and bodies to join up with a greater wisdom - one of connection, trust in ourselves, and joy. These meat suits of ours are working with an expiration date - let’s enjoy ourselves while we’re fresh!

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